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Serviços Humanitários / 29/12/2020

A former gang member was named Professor of the Year in Missouri, USA

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A former gang member was named Professor of the Year in Missouri, USA


This teacher's story is the definitive proof that it is possible to leave behind past mistakes and rewrite history itself.

The teacher's impetus to encourage his students to follow a correct path is out of gratitude to some teachers who helped him during his childhood and adolescence, because unfortunately, Darrion had many negative experiences during that time and even at the age of 10 he was already part of a gang.

And the fact is that the teacher's life was very complicated a very young age, as he commented in his recognition speech: “My mother was a drug addict and had two of her six children at the age of 16. My father was murdered when I was 4, and I started my journey in and out of the foster care system shortly after my sixth birthday. "

These circumstances and other problems he experienced as a teenager contributed to Darrion's thinking that he had no future ahead of him and that he would inevitably end up dead or in prison, as was the case with all his friends. However, in his seventh year his life changed completely when he was adopted by his football coach and his wife, who became the family he so badly needed.

Thanks to the help of his new family, Darrion decided to study at the University of Missouri-St. Louis and became a teacher to have a positive impact on the lives of hundreds of children.

When chosen as Teacher of the Year, Education Commissioner Margie Vandeven commented, “Missouri is fortunate to have so many high quality educators, and Darrion will be a wonderful representative for our state’s Teacher of the Year. He guides his students towards long-term physical and mental well-being, and the connections he has made will impact Crestwood's children for years to come. "

Darrion is undoubtedly a great example of self-improvement not only in his state, but also for thousands of people who have heard of his story.

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